With over 20 years of “screw pile’ish” technology being used in and around Winnipeg, Manitobans have grown to be aware of what a screw pile / ground anchor is.

Unfortunately Winnipeg was led to believe that screw piles should come with a sticker featuring an “engineer approved” capacity.  This is NOT a best practice as the capacity rating on the sticker is based purely on an assumption that soil density is 1,500 psf.

There is an empirical relationship between torque achieved during the installation of a screw pile and the capacity of the screw pile.   This means, by measuring torque, you can actually confirm that the soil is capable of supporting a design load – NO ASSUMPTIONS!

Some Manitoba building authorities have gotten stuck on the way things have been done for over 20 years.  However, screw piles have always been intended to be installed using a site specific engineered process.

Engineers who work extensively with screw piles grow to especially appreciate the technology due to an empirical torque to capacity relationship.

Screw Pile Tip #1: 

If the company you are looking to invest with does not monitor toque to verify capacities, you are gambling unnecessarily.

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