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Unprofessional Sub-Contractors Are Costing You Money

Stop us if you’ve heard this one. A foundation sub-contractor walks into a bar… just kidding, there’s no bar because the sub-contractor never showed up to the jobsite. Un-professional sub-contractors are an expensive problem for your business. They’re more than a hassle, they cost you money and end up making you look bad to your customers. Do any of these bad sub-contractor traits sound familiar?

  • Missed Appointments
  • No Professional Standards
  • Unsafe Work Practices
  • Lack of Communication
  • Slow Response Times
  • Over Promises, Under Delivers
  • Refuses to Recognize or Fix Mistakes
  • Unpleasant Attitude
  • Low Standards of Workmanship
  • No Regard for Customer’s Yard

Unfortunately, these traits can be common in the sub-contracting industry. Most contractors have worked with sub-contractors that displayed these traits. The good news is, you don’t have to put up with unreliable and unprofessional sub-contractors! There’s a better way to hire a reliable, professional, and trustworthy foundation contractor (and enjoy some exclusive perks in the process).

Postech Screw Piles Preferred Contractor’s Club

The Postech Preferred Contractor’s Club is the easiest way for you to have a reliable foundation installed when you need it. When you join the Postech Preferred Contractor’s Club, you enjoy benefits like exclusive pricing and Call Before You Dig coordination. It’s like having VIP access to the best foundation sub-contractor in Manitoba. From decks and sunrooms to home additions and commercial projects, Postech Screw Piles support them all. And, they’re installed faster than concrete with no mess left behind.

Imagine how many projects you could complete this year if you didn’t have to wait for concrete to cure. Picture what it would be like to have a sub-contractor who is a trained professional, following industry best-practices. Think about the time you can save building on laser-level foundations that are ready to go immediately after install. That’s the Postech Screw Piles Manitoba and Kenora difference.

“The guys on site were friendly and willing to help. I didn’t feel as though they were rushing to get to their next project. A good part of the team.” Daniel Melendez, Lola Construction Management
“We use Postech for all of our deck projects for a few reasons: 1) their screw piles are longer; 2) they have higher capacities than the competition; 3) their installers do a great job; 4) their machines leave no damage to sod; and 5) they are very flexible with their schedule.” Andrew Jaques, Postroc Inc.
“Postech installers came to my job and could have just installed the piles where marked. Instead he observed his surroundings and dug down only to find an electrical line right over my pile. Without his expertise I would have been on the hook for a large bill. Thanks be to the Postech installers. Great work!” Jordan Dueck, Windeck Ltd.

Sounds Great, But Are Screw Piles Right For My Project?

The short answer? Yes! It’s a common myth that screw piles only work under structures like decks or patios. In fact, screw piles can be used under a huge range of structures. And, most of the time, screw piles end up being cheaper than concrete! Here’s some of the places you can use a screw pile foundation:

  • Lightly Loaded Structures
  • Houses/Large Home Additions
  • Commercial Structures Under 2 Stories
  • Commercial/Industrial Equipment
  • Cottages
  • Docks and Boathouses
  • Tight Access/Interior Piling
  • Underpinning
  • Sensitive Landscaping/Environments
  • Decks and Patios

Postech’s Screw Piles Are Guaranteed to Last

Zero Risk Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Postech Manitoba and Kenora installed screw pile foundation, let our installers know prior to leaving the site. If we can’t resolve concerns to your satisfaction, we will uninstall and buyback each of the Postech Winnipeg screw piles you purchased. Note: In order to qualify for buyback, each Postech screw pile must be accessible so they may be uninstalled. Postech Winnipeg reserves the right to deny the buyback of any Postech screw piles which are not accessible for uninstallation, altered / customized for a unique application, or damaged by the customer. Mileage charges may apply.

Seven Year Performance Guarantee

Your Postech Winnipeg professionally installed screw piles include a seven (7) year performance guarantee against movement due to frost heaving as well as pre-mature deterioration. Note: Performing any of the following actions may void your guarantee: enclosing any structure not designed to be enclosed, adding heavy objects such as hot tubs to a structure not designed for such loads, cutting or altering the screw piles in any way, draining water in the area of a screw pile, not adequately trenching or using void form where structures are at or near grade, or any accidental or intentional impact to the screw pile causing damage.

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