Postech Welcomes Adam Lamoureux

Postech Welcomes Adam Lamoureux

We are excited to announce that Adam Lamoureux, owner of Brightstone Construction, has teamed up with Postech to bring the Whiteshell area guaranteed high-quality foundations. Adam will be providing foundations to support your housing, deck, dock, and boat housing...

Save Money Saving Your Dock

Winnipegers seem to have got the message that Postech's team of helical screw pile installers can perform magic when it comes to underpinning a sunken deck, porch, addition or home.  Recently, we put our underpinning skills to work on stabilizing a dock with a wonky...

Piles Inside a Hotel?  Call Postech!

Piles Inside a Hotel? Call Postech!

Postech Installers have been on their fair share of "interesting" job sites but it was uniquely cool to drive through the front doors of a local hotel and navigate our way into the laundry room.   Our customer was tasked with eliminating undesired vibrations...

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