Why install a foundation that will last a few years, when you can install a premium foundation that will last a lifetime?

A Simple Process

The initial call or email

A quick phone call or email will get the ball rolling. Our experts will work with you ensure to an efficient and effective foundation solution for your unique project. Armed with basic information we will prepare a formal written estimate for your consideration as well as arm you with what you need to facilitate permit approvals.  Should you wish, our team will make it easy to schedule your installation.



Our professional and certified installers will contact you on installation day to confirm arrival time. Carefully and professionally our team will not only install your piles using our exclusive torque monitoring process but do so while ensuring minimum disturbance to your landscaping. We have three goals on installation day: 1) install screw piles that will meet and exceed performance requirements; 2) work in a manner that ensures the safety of the team and customers; and 3) ensure your full satisfaction.


Immediately upon installation your laser leveled foundation is ready to be built on. Armed with an exclusive 7 year performance guarantee, doing business with Postech is… STARTING OFF on a SOLID FOUNDATION!


Postech Screw Piles Winnipeg

Founded in 2011 with the vision to change the game and raise the bar for all Manitoba piling contractors and foundation systems, Postech Screw Piles has quickly become the screw pile of choice for Winnipeg, rural Manitoba and Kenora, Ontario. Our goal is to delight each and every customer with a quality of product and customer service never before seen in the piling industry.

Our primary marketing and sales strategy is customer referrals and word-of-mouth. Please forgive our extra efforts to delight you, it’s a shameless ploy to earn referrals to your family, friends and neighbours. Good enough isn’t good enough for Postech Winnipeg.

Postech Winnipeg Equipment

Maximum Value

Our equipment has been strategically designed to ensure minimal to no disturbance to a customer’s property. This means you won’t need to hire a landscaper to fix the yard or haul away tailings.

Installation is available in nearly all weather conditions and because no curing is necessary, you can build on our piles the moment they are installed.

Our courteous and knowledgeable installers ensure a precise and professional installation each and every time, leveling your adapters to ensure an easy and timely build process.

Our products have been tested and approved to national CSA standards by CCMC and CMHC for use in nearly all construction projects.

We install Postech Screw Piles according to hydraulic torque monitoring which ensures load capacity. Our certified technician will, if necessary, extend the pile and drive as deep as necessary to achieve the desired loading capability. This eliminates soil assumptions and ensures pile performance.

There is no one piling solution that is superior to all others in every circumstance however the benefits of Postech Screw Piles will typically bring superior value when supporting lightly loaded structures and up to mid-sized commercial projects up to 220kN (50,000lbs).  Another area where Postech Screw Piles typically shine brightest are when access is limited or piling conditions uniquely challenging.

We accept cheque, cash, Visa, American Express, MasterCard and E-Transfer.

Our Zero Risk Guarantee:

Postech Winnipeg has 100% confidence in your satisfaction that we proudly offer a Zero Risk Guarantee – if you aren’t satisfied with your Postech Winnipeg installed Thermal Piles, we will make it right or buyback each of the Thermal Piles we installed.  Some conditions apply, please contact us for details.

Against Frost Guaranteed

Installing the only insulated screw piles on the market and carrying only a 10.5 foot length, Postech Winnipeg’s Thermal Piles anchor well below the frost line and regulate pile temperature to guarantee heave-proof performance.

Customers receive the Postech Winnipeg 7 Year Performance Guarantee against deterioration, sinking or heaving of their Thermal Pile foundation.  Some conditions apply, please contact us for details.


Always Call Before You Dig. Current wait time in Winnipeg is a few days, so visit today: http://www.clickbeforeyoudigmb.com/


My name is Stan Higgins and i’m very proud to introduce you to Postech Screw Piles Manitoba and Kenora, installing quality foundations for our neighbors in the greater Winnipeg area, throughout rural Manitoba, Indigenous communities, cottage country and Kenora, Ontario.

Meet Postech Manitoba and Kenora’s master dealer

Stan Higgins is the Master Dealer of Postech Manitoba and Kenora. He has overseen the installation of thousands of Postech Screw Piles throughout Winnipeg, rural and northern Manitoba, First Nations as well as Kenora, Ontario area. Stan has completed Postech’s comprehensive training in Sherbrooke, Quebec and earned his Postech Installer Certification. Stan will take personal responsibility to ensure your complete satisfaction with the Postech Manitoba and Kenora experience. For Stan’s story about how he became a Postech dealer, click here.

Stan’s message:

There are not many degrees of separation within Manitoba and therefore I recognize that our customers are also our neighbours.  I commit to helping you make the best decisions for your building project and to take the time to respond to your inquiries just like any good neighbour.  Because we are neighbours you can also bet I will stand behind our work and ensure your full satisfaction.

Stan Higgins