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    • VIDEOS: 2 Great Blue Chip Decks on Postech Screw Piles May 29, 2018
      Winnipeg has a number of skilled and professional deck builders and we are fortunate to support many of the City’s great decks.  Blue Chip Decks, a great example of local pros, has prepared two videos of decks built on Postech … Continue reading →

    • Screw Pile Tip #2: GET A CLICK BEFORE YOU DIG May 7, 2018
      Often we are told by a customer that they know where their lines are located and a Call Before You Dig (now called a Click Before You Dig) is not required. Fortunately, most customers are understanding when we insist that … Continue reading →

    • Winnipeg Screw Pile Tip #1 – AVOID SOIL ASSUMPTIONS May 4, 2018
      With over 20 years of “screw pile’ish” technology being used in and around Winnipeg, Manitobans have grown to be aware of what a screw pile / ground anchor is. Unfortunately Winnipeg was led to believe that screw piles should come … Continue reading →

    • Save Money Saving Your Dock January 29, 2018
      Winnipegers seem to have got the message that Postech’s team of helical screw pile installers can perform magic when it comes to underpinning a sunken deck, porch, addition or home.  Recently, we put our underpinning skills to work on stabilizing … Continue reading →

    • Piles Inside a Hotel? Call Postech! January 18, 2018
      Postech Installers have been on their fair share of “interesting” job sites but it was uniquely cool to drive through the front doors of a local hotel and navigate our way into the laundry room.   Our customer was tasked … Continue reading →

    • Buried Treasure Under Your Home October 24, 2017
      Did you know that very few homes in Winnipeg built by mass home builders are built with ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) or Superior Wall (precast walls built in controlled factory)?  It’s surprising to me that this is the case because … Continue reading →

    • Screw Piles & Light Structures = No Brainer for Manitobans April 27, 2017
      The screw pile industry markets hard that screw piles are cheaper than concrete.  The truth is that screw piles can be used for a wide range of projects and, depending on the soil characteristics, they aren’t always cheaper. However, here … Continue reading →

    • Baeumler Approved Screw Pile Company for Manitoba & Kenora! April 13, 2017
      Postech Screw Piles – Manitoba and Kenora is Baeumler Approved.  We are very excited and proud to be a part of the Baeumler Approved family.  Our status of Baeumler Approved means we are recognized as striving to meet the same … Continue reading →